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LewesLight Talks

LewesLight 2017 is running a short programme of talks exploring ideas about light and light related topic. Talks will take place upstairs at the John Harvey Tavern or at the Linklater Pavillion. Tickets can be booked in advance for which there is a small charge of £3  fee to help cover our costs.


Details for additional talks will follow.

Solar Aid - Jamie McCloskey -


17th January 7.00pm

Head of Programme Funding for the charity Jamie will speak about the work of Solar Aid and its mission.


SolarAid is an international charity, founded in 2006 to combat poverty and climate change. Providing access to solar lights in Uganda, Malawi and Zambia to help catalyse solar markets and eradicate the kerosene lamp.


​Solar Aid - Jamie McCloskey 


17th January 7.00pm  - Linklater Pavillion

Head of Programme Funding for the charity Jamie will speak about the work of Solar Aid, its mission and some of its projects.


In Africa, where SolarAid works, night falls early and the only light available to 600 million people is the flickering, toxic and highly polluting flame of the kerosene lamp. It is hard for most of us in the developed world to truly imagine what that’s like.


SolarAid exists to kick-start solar markets while at the same time using philanthropic funding to fund its retail operation, SunnyMoney.


In a nutshell, SunnyMoney sells solar lights to African people without making a net profit, which means they can then resell the lights for a profit. It is now the largest seller and distributor of high quality solar lights in Africa.

Jamie joined SolarAid in September 2014, the same month SunnyMoney opened its office in Uganda. It was the ambition of SolarAid to be where they are most needed, through a business based model, which attracted Jamie to the position.

The eradication of the kerosene lamp through off-grid energy access is what motivates him every day. Telling the stories of solar’s many impacts allows Jamie to drive the fundraising team forward. He also leads for SolarAid on policy and research work.


Before SolarAid, Jamie worked at the National AIDS Trust, a UK HIV policy organisation for two years where he was one of two fundraisers, then the sole fundraiser, responsible for all income streams. The diversity in this role Jamie to develop his sector-specific skills across all areas of fundraising.


Previous to this, Jamie had more formative roles including volunteering with VSO in Nigeria, managing an accessible shuttle service at two London 2012 Olympic venues, interning at various charities and learning the craft of writing and storytelling in various mediums.




Past Speakers

Archetypes of Night - Colin Ball

24th October 7.00pm 2017

Colin Ball is one of the most engaging speakers I have heard, this talk is tremendously thought provoking and you will leave with many questions in your mind that challenge the way you will think about light in the future.  Graham Festenstein - Festival Director


Archetypes of Night - Colin Ball

24th October - Upstairs at the John Harvey Tavern, Bear Yard, Lewes

Aspects of current physics are transforming our relationship with the night sky as powerfully as modern lighting is

removing it. Centuries ago our ancestors and Gods looked down upon us nightly. Our relationship with mythic aspects of our deep psyche was triggered on a regular basis. This no longer occurs, yet culture was born from the desire for humans to represent themselves as stars.

 The roots of architecture are founded in sacred sites aligned to the sky. Think of our heroes, from Orion and Hercules to Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter: whether their symbol shines from the heavens or a screen in a darkened room, the impact is there.

 Colin will explain how the lighting work we do has a direct impact on this ancient relationship and what we should do to reconsider the value and meaning of light.


Colin Ball  IALD MSLL BSc

Colin leads the London office of BDP’s award winning Lighting Team. His current work involves developing innovative techniques for lighting within World Heritage venues plus Carbon Exemplary projects for cutting edge science institutes. These new lighting techniques involve influencing the daylighting condition of the architecture and detailed studies of the occupants to save large amounts of energy.

From a background education in architecture Colin has worked as a Lighting Designer for 21 years, joining BDP in 2011.

Colin has developed a series of lectures that look at how Light in Faith is represented from historical, religious and psychological perspectives in architecture and contemporary art, which he has delivered across the UK, Europe, Middle East and the Americas. An organiser of a London Light & Film Festival Colin also delivers talks on parallels of Lighting between Films, Theatre & Architecture. He has authored a number of articles for national and international professional lighting magazines regarding elements of these lectures.



Previous years have included talks and discussion on;  Urban Lighting, Lighting Festivals in the UK and around the world, Lighting and health, Light pollution and astronomy, light and video art and lighting design by speakers including Lighting Designers Michael Grubb, Paul Nulty, Alan Tulla, Cashel Brown and Johan Moritz. Planning Consultant Richard Eastham. Dark Skies Lead for the South Downs National Park Authority Dan Oakley and artist Alex May.

Activities have included torch activities, night walks and an installation on the downs.

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