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In the spirit of Henry Dudeney we have put together the following clues as to where we will be going before we make the trail and installation locations public on Thursday.

These clues are based mostly on stories from Lewes' past and its people and identify the locations of our installations. Some are easy and some less so. If anyone gets them all right the first person to do so will earn a pint from the Festival Director in the Festival Bar!

1.      Where might one find an inverted ammonite?


2.     She loved her dalmatians Spangle and Emma where did she live?


3.     This building used to be next door to one missing - now a gap between buildings on the high     street.

4.      Where might you find one copper in amongst some large Europeans?

5.      Possibly the most uneven surface of any of its kind for this sedate game.

6.      Home of legendary Lewes dog racing?

7.      Must have been home to many dizzy frogs in its heyday.

8.      Bacon was stored here during one of the wars.

9.      A dark narrow spot high up but near to the home of the fallen Wiifred Lucas.

10.    It contained many beards once but not so many now - next door for the next best thing.

Sheep? zzzzzzzz

For the younger ones amongst us on the day try counting the sheep to ensure a good nights sleep look for the green illuminated eyes and see how may you can find.

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