Lewes Light

Festival of Light 2016
On and around the weekend of 14-16th October 2016 - Lewes, East Sussex

LewesLight 2015 the first festival of light to be held in the town of Lewes in East Sussex was a celebration of light and lighting through history, culture, design, art, science and the environment. Created as part of the UNESCO International Year of Light 2015 and through a mutual interest in light either through a passion for light in art, design and architecture and the potential light has to improve the environment and the spaces we occupy, as well as a greater understanding and interpretation of a place, its people and its history, the organisers created an eclectic mix of events, installations, talks and discussion with the theme of Light.

After the resounding success of LewesLight 2015 LewesLight will be going ahead again this year. Expanding on the theme of history and the town and people of Lewes we hope to produce an even more exciting, wide ranging and illuminating experience.

Photos of LewesLight 2015 can be seen here.

For other details of last years event see here.

LewesLight will be visiting the Elderflower Festival to present an exciting event in the forest after dark. We are looking forward to a couple of fun days at Pippingford Park on Ashdown Forest on the 28th - 29th May, creating some dramatic scenes with the help of festival goers whilst promoting the enjoyment of our countryside at night and showing how lighting need not be detrimental to the environment. The results of our installation will be posted here for so that everyone can see what we have been up to. http://www.elderflowerfields.co.uk/ - Elderflower Fields on Facebook - @ElderflowerFest on Twitter


If you would like further information or to be included on our mailing list please email us; info@leweslight.uk


LewesLight is a not for profit organisation and all contributions are made on a voluntary basis. LewesLight 2015 would like to aknowledge the generous financial support provided by Lewes Town Council and support and input from Paul Pyant and Alex May. We would also like to thank the many people who have provided time on the organisation and running of the event in particular Graham Festenstein, Phil Rose, Russell Beck, Pete Mobbs, Richard Hobday, Dan Oakley, Dan Fagan, John Parry, Rich Howarth, Merlin Milner, Pat Beck, John May, Martin Chick, Iain Paxton and Steve Franklin, Harry, Edwina and the whole team of Tour Guides, and not least all of the students and staff at Sussex Downs College.

A very special thank you is also due to the building owners who have allowed us to light their buildings or provide access; The Railway Land Wildlife Trust, Mr and Mrs Franks, Harveys Brewery, The Eastgate Baptist Church, Marcus Dawson, The All Saints Centre / Lewes Town Council, The Sussex Archealogical Society and the Castle, The St Johns Sub Castro Church and the Pells Pool.

We would especially like to thank the following organisations for their generous support of LewesLight 2015 and without whom we would have had no event and look forward to working with many of you again this year.

UNESCO Year of Light 2015

The Institution of Lighting Professionals

The International Association of Lighting Designers

The Society of Light and Lighting

Commercial Lighting Systems


Light Projects



South Downs National Park

Railway Land Wildlife Trust

Brighton and Lewes Downs

Sussex Downs College

Lewes Youth Theatre

Creative Light & Power

Russell Beck Studio

Graham Festenstein Lighting Design

Karen Van Creveld Lighting Design

Nulty Lighting Design

Lewes Town Council


Starfish Youth Music

Architainment Lighting

Malham Lighting

Herstmonceaux Science Centre